Our Mission

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"Mission Possible"

Our Mission is to enable Nonstandard English-speaking children and adults to enjoy the same educational and professional benefits as their Standard English-speaking counterparts. 

Our workshops and materials all contribute to this mission, because they:

  • Combat Language Bias by teaching the Linguistic Truth about Standard and Nonstandard English dialects and their speakers.
  • Start with Speech - by teaching oral Standard English-acquisition first - because most Nonstandard-speaking children will read, write and test the way they first learned to speak. 
  • Use the Bi-Dialectal Approach.

Most of the pages on our site will provide you with more detailed information as to how and why the above items comprise the premise of our program. 

In addition, please click on Blog: Harriet vs CELF-4. This factual narrative tells the story of one family's educational nightmare, and illustrates just one example of what hundreds of thousands of families have experienced. Their anguish is why we consider our mission so important.

If you have questions, concerns or want more information, please call 773.528.6200 or email mberger@orchardbooksinc.com .