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     These workshops train teachers how to implement the materials, techniques and five-step methodology which teach oral and written standard English to nonstandard English-speaking children and adults.  Our goal is to enable students - regardless of their ages or language/dialectic backgrounds - to use standard English when speaking, reading, writing and taking standardized tests in school or in the workplace.  

     In other words, attendees learn how to guide students to mastery of situational code-switching in order to become Bi-dialectal.

     The workshops are always customized to the specific needs of university graduate school education classes, individual school faculties, school districts, parent groups, outreach groups, businesses and their respective student-populations.  Click on Sample Workshops  to see just how individualized these workshops can be!

     The most popular workshop-structures are: two-day sessions for a school faculty or department of education students; sessions which are specifically designed to satisfy state requirements for earning CEU credits.

     Following are brief descriptions of the materials that implement the five-step method and the associated teaching-techniques.

All Books and CDs are discounted 25% for two-day workshops!
TEACH STANDARD, TOO: Teach Oral and Written Standard English as a Second Dialect to English-Speaking Students. Includes SCHOOLTALK / FRIENDTALK lessons, which have raised student test scores by 30 percentile points. 25% is deducted with attendance at workshops. One WRITE STANDARD, TOO Student Journal is included in this order.
FREE SHIPPING within U.S.A.! COMPLETE SET includes: The SPEAK STANDARD, TOO TEXT/CDs SET, used in Middle School/High School/College classrooms, a variety of Continuing Education settings and as a Self-Help program - the 5 CDs and book are encased in a sturdy and attractive vinyl album; The TEACH STANDARD, TOO Teacher's Manual with the 95 SCHOOLTALK / FRIENDTALK Scripted Lessons, with 1 WRITE STANDARD, TOO Student Journal. 25% Discount for Two-Day Workshop-Attendees!
WRITE STANDARD, TOO: My SchoolTalk / FriendTalk Writing Journal. Per Student Journals that accompany and implement the SchoolTalk / FriendTalk writing lessons. Journals sold in 10-Packs. 25% off with participation in two-day workshops.


Linguistic Truth Seminars:
"Different, Not Deficient"

     These are highly interactive sessions which combat language bias by teaching two linguistic truths about nonstandard English dialects. The discussion brings participants to the self-discovery and realization that: 
           Nonstandard English Dialects are Different, Not Deficient.  

     All teachers, administrators, curriculum directors, educational policy-makers, corporate administrators and corporate diversity trainers should be exposed to this session's content, particularly if their dialectic, ethnic, racial and/or cultural backgrounds differ from those of their students and/or employees.

     The seminar serves as an independent presentation and/or the first step in introducing a standard English-acquisition class for nonstandard English-speaking children or adults.  Its goal is to dispel mythology and encourage new mindsets and expectations regarding nonstandard English-speakers and their dialects. If relevant to your student-population and setting, particular emphasis can focus on African American English Vernacular (Black English or Ebonics) - and its history - because much of the negative mythology about nonstandard dialects centers around Black English and the children and adults who speak it.

     These presentations fit well into: 
- Faculty meetings;
- Faculty in-service sessions;
- Professional development days for teachers;
- Professional development courses for school/private speech pathologists;
- Department of Education graduate or undergraduate short courses;
- Parent-Faculty meetings, which introduce the standard English-acquisition classes, the bi-dialectic philosophy and the materials to parents and other interested community members; 
- Corporate diversity sessions / retreats.

     We offer two and three-hour versions of these seminars, distinguishable only by the content that an additional hour allows.

     Check out participant-evaluations of these seminars by clicking on Workshop Testimonials .  

Speak Standard, Too Classes
Standard English-Acquisition for Adult Nonstandard English-Speakers

     These classes teach nonstandard English-speaking students to use oral and written standard English as a second dialect.  Intended participants include: 
- Teachers and parents who want to become standard English-speaking models for their students and/or their own children;
- Middle school, high school and college-level students who want to be more competitive, academically.
- Students and adults who want to become more professionally marketable.
     These "direct-service" acquisition classes are identical to those which Mary Berger designed and taught for 18 years at Chicago's Columbia College.  They are appropriate for older nonstandard English-speaking students and adults, regardless of their ethnicity, race, dialectic backgrounds or socio-economic circumstances.  

     Check out student-evaluations of these classes at the end of the Workshop Testimonials page. In addition, please note that there is a 20% discount on the books and CDs which we use in the classes.  Following are brief descriptions of those materials:

SPEAK STANDARD, TOO: Add Standard English as a Second Dialect to Your Talking Style. Used in Middle School/High School/College, a variety of Continuing Education settings and as a Self-Help text. 20% discount is given with participation in SST workshop/class. PLEASE NOTE: This Revised Edition replaces the original version (ISBN 0-9630778-0-5), which is out of print. It is only sold individually when purchased as part of the SST Text/Cds Set. The text can be purchased in bulk for classes and teacher-workshops. Most effective when used with the set of 5 CDs.
SPEAK STANDARD, TOO TEXT/CDs SET: 20% of the cost is discounted with participation in a SPEAK STANDARD, TOO class or TEACH STANDARD, TOO workshop.
SPEAK STANDARD, TOO CDs: 5 CDs which accompany the SST Text's Pronunciation Lessons, including the Grammatical Differences that influence Pronunciation Differences. There is a 20% discount with participation in a SPEAK STANDARD, TOO class or a TEACH STANDARD, TOO workshop.


General Menu of Workshops, Seminars and Classes:
               Program                                                             Attendance   

1/2-Day Different, Not Deficient Seminar                         (unlimited)           

1-Day Teach Standard, Too Training Workshop               (unlimited)  
2-Day Teach Standard, Too Training Workshop               
(max - 25) 
3-Day Teach Standard, Too Training Workshop               (max - 25) 
4-Day Teach Standard, Too Training Workshop               (max - 25)
PLEASE NOTE: A 25% discount on prices for our materials is offered to all who participate in the two, three, or four-day training workshops. This includes: Teach Standard, Too with the SchoolTalk / FriendTalk lessons; Write Standard, Too student journals; and the Speak Standard, Too text and CDs. 
1-Day Follow-Up                                                             (your choice) 
2-Day Follow-Up                   
                                          (your choice) 
1-Day Consultation                                                           (your choice)

Speak Standard, Too
Acquisition Classes
                            (max - 12)   

PLEASE NOTE: We also offer a 20% discount on the Speak Standard, Too texts and CDs for those who participate in these adult oral standard English-acquisition classes.

Curricular Consultation

If you are interested in initiating an oral standard English-acquisition program in your educational, corporate or outreach setting, we can help you develop and write that curriculum.

Our consultation skills - and the focus of our content - are particularly appropriate for the following settings:
*  Headstart and Early Childhood Programs
*  Speech Pathology programs for Nonstandard English-speakers and
    Foreign Accent-Reduction.
*  Elementary and Middle School Language Arts Departments
*  High School Speech, Radio/TV, Journalism and Theatre Departments
*  College and University Departments of Speech, Broadcast Journalism,
    Theatre and Education
*  Corporate Training and Diversity Programs
*  Outreach Programs
*  Alternative School Programs
*  Juvenile and Adult Prison Education Programs

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